Mission, Vision & Objectives


Education is an investment in our country’s future. Through education alone we can raise men and women of substance and character, men and women who will have clear insight in to their goals and will create their own space in the forefront in all spheres of human endeavor. We aim to provide accessible, affordable and contemporary education with a deep rooted value system.


To stimulate and nurture young minds which strive for excellence through active learning. To enable children to become thinking, sensitive and respectful global citizens with a progressive outlook.


- To bring out and nurture the potential of each child in terms of body, mind and spirit to enable them to think rationally and objectively so as to develop scientific temper.
- To expand the mental horizons through exposure to the latest in the world of science, technology, society etc.
- To bring out the unique talents in every child.
- To inculcate a sense of pride to be a true Indian who values Indian tradition and culture.
- To inculcate healthy and positive ways of living and care of environment and to help children develop strong ethical values.