Co-Curricular Activities

Art Activities

A number of activities are carried out in the school campus like Greeting Card Making, Rangoli, Pot Painting, Macraine, Flower Making, Glass Painting, M.seal object Making, Jute Basket- with flowers, Fabric Painting, Oil painting, Bead & Mirror work, Embroidery, Knitting, Paper Machhe, Collage, Mural work, Doll & face Making, Face Painting, Flower Arrangement etc.

Various Competitions are held periodically to enhance the students' potential.


The students can opt for Music as one of the co-curricular activities. Various options open to students are:

Music Vocal

Basic knowledge of Music, Shabad ( Classical and Light), Knowledge of Ragas, Patriotic songs, Devotional songs and English songs

Music Instrumental

Tabla. Congo, Banjo, Keyboard, Guitar, Harmonium, Tanpura, Drums, Swar Mandal, Plate Tarang


The school has an N.C.C. Air Wing troop of 100 cadets for boys and girls.

Cadets are sent every year for Pre-R.D. & R.D. training camp and also for advance training camps. Cadets pass certificate ‘A’ with cent percent result.

School Band

The school owns a band, under the charge of a qualified band master. Students have band as one of the activities as well.


Hockey, Roller Skating, Badminton, Table-Tennis, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Cricket, Kho-Kho and Hand-Ball are the major games played by the students.


All folk dances and classical dance (KATHAK ) is taught to students. Along with this, various western dances are taught as HIP-HOP, SALSA, and RUSSIAN, LOCKING-POPPING and CONTEMPORARY.

Needle Work

Feminine skill will be enhanced.


To keep mind and body fit with spiritual and physical exercise.


Rhythmic beats by boys with folk steps.


Display of various themes with a variety of shades & hues on the floor to develop the aesthetic sense