Curricular Activities


Activities like camping, Model United Nations, and social work give students a platform to develop and display leadership skills. They may lead teams or teach underprivileged children. Development of these skills is important to succeed later in life.

Diverse experiences

School is the time when children have time to build experiences. Diversifying these experiences opens their eyes to things beyond their everyday life. Through extracurricular activities, they meet people and see places they usually would not.

Learning outside the classroom

Activities can teach a great deal. Environmental clubs can expand the understanding of nature and the world. Quiz clubs can increase knowledge of the real world that surrounds us. Skills learned outside the classroom can often even improve performance in the classroom.

Relieving stress

Being in school, doing homework and studying can be stressful. Your children need time to cool off and engage in something they enjoy. Having them take part in activities such as music and art will help them relax.

Self confidence

Developing a skill or talent can be a huge boost for your child’s self confidence. Playing an instrument or winning a competition will develop their self esteem.

Developing talent

Talents are nothing without practice. If your child is a good debater or musically inclined, letting them engage in these will help that talent go places.

Contributing to society

Children should be taught the value of helping others early on. Volunteering, holding donation drives and other such activities will help in this.

Social interaction

Extracurricular activities help children interact with peers. Children learn the value of teamwork. They may also benefit from teachers/leaders willing to mentor them.